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Merkle Gravuren

In order to give your Merkle rings that final, but decisive personal touch, we offer you different options for engraving. With our three lasers or our diamond engraving machine, your individually desired motifs are engraved into the ring surface.

Your personal touch

We offer different options for engraving.
These include:

  • Fonts of all kinds in all common computer fonts
  • Facsimile engravings, such as symbols, coats of arms, etc., logos according to your individual template
  • Fingerprints, that means that we engrave your fingerprints on the ring

Of course, we take care of the digital preparation of your templates. You can provide them to us by email, fax or post.

Merkle Gravuren

Laser engravings

Laser engravings are particularly durable. With laser engraving, the graphics or text to be engraved is burned out of the material using a high-precision laser. The engraving is placed deep in the ring so that the engraving remains clearly recognizable even after a long period of wear.

With the help of our modern engraving lasers, we can carry out almost any type of engraving. Rings can be designed individually. We engrave handwriting, handwriting or your very own facsimile – there are almost no limits to your creativity. Immortalize yourself on your Merkle ring!

Regardless of whether inside or outside engraving, on rings or other pieces of jewelry: Almost everything is possible at Merkle
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Merkle Gravur

Diamond engravings

In addition to laser engraving, we also offer diamond engravings – also known as machine engravings. With this engraving technique, the text to be engraved is carved into the wedding ring with the help of a diamond, thereby displacing the precious metal. This “traditional” engraving technique does not go as deep into the material as laser engraving. Classic, machine diamond engravings are still the best way to make engravings in an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Here you benefit from our unique price-performance ratio. With this type of engraving, you can choose between different fonts and symbols, but you cannot create complex graphics. Diamond engraving is only possible on the inside.

Are you a specialist dealer and would like to see all of our fonts and access our templates?
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Merkle Gravur

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Your advantages as a Merkle partner:

  •    High-quality laser engravings (all computer fonts, symbols and numbers)
  •    Facsimile engraving and fingerprint, we supply you with standard templates
  •    Traditional machine engraving in block letters and cursive
  •    Individual design and pricing of the engravings possible directly in our ring designer
  •     Would you like to find out more? Please do not hesitate to contact us!