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Merkle Manufaktur

Modern technology meets traditional craftsmanship: At Merkle in Hamburg we have been making wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry since 1853 - with love and care. We are a long-term, reliable partner for our customers from the European specialist trade.

Merkle Manufaktur Team

Vocation and enthusiasm


We love what we do and believe in the idea that care, craftsmanship, teamwork and joy are the foundation for the best work.

Merkle Manufaktur Geschichte

In Hamburg since 1853


The Merkle company is the oldest wedding ring and jewelry factory in Germany - and the only one in Northern Germany. A Hamburg success story.

Merkle Manufaktur Herstellung

Individual and flexible


We manufacture ready-to-ship wedding rings or other jewelry rings, with or without stones, in a wide variety of surfaces, with or without joints - with or without engravings.

Very flexible - for you.

Merkle Manufaktur Qualität

Made in Germany


Many years of experience, high-quality materials, first-class supplier relationships and modern machinery. We rely on the highest quality standards - in all areas.

Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Recycling Gold

Brilliant colors


The shimmering brilliance of our alloys gives each Merkle ring its uniqueness. Let yourself be enchanted by our brilliant colors.

Merkle Manufaktur Ringprofile

Diverse forms

Ring Profiles

Modern & urban or timelessly classic: Our diverse ring profiles reflect not only the surroundings, but also your personal taste.

Merkle Manufaktur Ringoberflächen

The finishing touch

Ring surfaces

The surface gives the piece of jewelery its final appearance. Have your rings provided with a wide variety of structures and surface patterns to achieve a very special look.

Merkle Manufaktur Goldschmiede



The goldsmith's art is one of the oldest of all metal crafts and is still a central element in the production of every piece of jewelry.

Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Fasserei

Fingertip feeling

Gemstone Setting

Our gem setters are true masters of an ancient craft. Have their rings set with gemstones of all kinds to give them a special grace.

Merkle Gravur



To give your Merkle rings that final but crucial personal touch, we offer the solutions to your wishes with our three lasers or our diamond engraving machine.

Merkle Xoe Ringkonzept

The ring combination system from Merkle

The Xoé ring concept

Combine different outer and inner rings, and change their individual jewelry style depending on the occasion. The innovative Xoé principle makes it easy to change in the blink of an eye, anytime, anywhere.