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Merkle Ringe und Schmuck

In the heart of Hamburg, we manufacture completely individual wedding rings, engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry for specialist retailers across Europe. Modern and urban or timelessly puristic: there are no limits to your creativity. Your design is our design.

Kiew Ermelo

A life long


Wedding rings, also known as wedding rings, symbolize infinity and permanence, solidarity and loyalty - and have done so since ancient times. Because of this great responsibility, it is important to us to place the highest quality demands on our products. This makes Merkle rings loyal companions. For a lifetime and beyond.

Brilon 4 2 E



Expressing the promise to marry a loved one is one of the great romantic events of any fulfilled life. A timeless, elegant engagement ring from Merkle is the best proof of this.

Saragossa 2 5



Let long-term companions such as wedding rings or old heirlooms shine in new splendor in combination with a stackable front ring. Refine your jewelry with a new shade and give it a new meaning. Create your very own jewelry experience

Brilon 4 2 E



Elegance and brilliance. These classic, breathtaking all-rounders are closely set with gemstones of the same high quality. As a symbol for a moving event, as a stackable ring or as an engagement ring: Memoire rings always stand for something special.

Arezzo Montebeni

Many of our ring models in a gallery


Here you will find many rings from our collection. Filter by color, ring type, ring surface or use the search function of the gallery if you already know the name of your desired ring. Let us inspire you!


&Precious metal colors

By using special alloys, we can give our Merkle rings a very special shimmer of color.

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&Ring shapes

The ring profile not only gives the ring its unique design, but is also crucial for the comfort and stability of the ring.

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&Ring surfaces

Set our colors spectacularly in scene with special surface treatments. Combinations of different types of surfaces are also possible!

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Be enchanted by the brilliance of our gemstones set with the utmost precision and care, making every Merkle ring an incomparable piece of jewelry.

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Whether on the inside, on the outside or even on the long side of the ring, a laser or diamond engraving gives your wedding rings a fine personal touch with great symbolic power at the same time.

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Combine different outer and inner rings and change your individual jewelry style depending on the occasion. The innovative Xoé principle makes it easy to change in the blink of an eye, anytime, anywhere.

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Amodoro is an association of experienced jewelers and goldsmiths throughout Germany who want to help prospective bridal couples realize their own idea of perfect wedding rings.

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