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Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Fachhandel

As a partner of the Europe-wide specialists for wedding rings and jewelry rings, we are always there for you. Use our ring designer for simple price information and orders, or benefit from digital sales channels as a partner of the Amodoro network.

Products and Services

Partner of the specialist dealer

Here you will find an overview of our extensive range of products and services. Whether individual production from one piece, production in your name (white label or branded label) including shipping in your name or service (repairs, engravings, barrel work). We adapt to your needs!

Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Händlerbereich


Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Fachhandel

Comprehensive services

As our partner, you can benefit from our extensive range of products and services relating to wedding rings and jewelry rings. Get access to the dealer ring designer for quick price information and easy order processing - and get technical information about our products and materials.

Merkle Ringe und Schmuck Fachhandel

Digital sales channel


Our online portal Amodoro is an association of experienced jewelers and goldsmiths all over Germany who want to help prospective bridal couples to realize their own idea of perfect wedding rings.

Become part of a strong e-commerce network and reach your end customers digitally!

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