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Whitelable 3d ring designer

We manufacture one piece individually and see ourselves as a solution provider of the Europe-wide specialized retail market for wedding and jewelry rings. In order to meet your needs in the best possible way, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services around the topic of wedding and jewelry rings, including a 3D wedding ring designer, which we have adapted exactly to your needs. You have the following customization options:

3D wedding ring designer on


In order for you to be able to use our 3D wedding ring designer in the best possible way directly on our website for your customer consultations, we offer you the free possibility to place your logo and your selling factors with us. In addition, you can choose which alloys / metals you would like to offer and only these will then be displayed in the 3D wedding ring designer.

3D white label ring designer on your own website

With the Premium Integration, the 3D ring desginer appears on your website completely in your design – if you wish, we will also be happy to coordinate directly with your IT service provider!
We offer you the possibility to make the 3D designer completely YOUR 3D designer with our premium integration. Implement our 3D designer on YOUR website with just a few clicks and we will customize the following elements for you:

  • The Merkle logo is not visible, but the frame of your website stays the same
  • The design of the 3D configurator appears in the colors of your website
  • The Merkle hallmark can be replaced by your hallmark and displayed photorealistically in all 3D configurations
  • Integrated inquiry form with appointment allocation for end customers: You will receive an e-mail regarding the appointment request and can process these “customer inquiries” incl. ring design of the customer directly in your retail partner area.

  • 3D white label configurator full integration

    As the highest level of integration, we also offer the possibility to create your own Whitelable 3D configurator individually for you and to integrate it completely into your website environment (including interfaces to your store system). Not only can you change the colors and designs, but the following will also be customized for you:

  • Design of the graphical user interface
  • In the admin area an own adjustable VK factor for the store is integrated, with which the end customer price in the store can be controlled
  • Own administration system with own separate admin area and separate jeweler circle
  • Customization of text files with own access to the translation tool
  • Customization of PDF documents
  • New format of the wedding ring ID
  • New alloys/colors
  • Learn more about our technical possibilities and how we can adapt them to your needs! Just contact us personally.

    Your advantages as a Merkle retail partner:

    •    Our technology, your brand - we make your website even more attractive for your customers
    •    Flexible according to your wishes and needs: you decide which alloys you would like to offer
    •    We strengthen your brand: your products, your hallmark, your packaging materials - manufactured and delivered by us - but in your name.
    •    Free 3D ring designer with own selling factor and logo
    •    Sales promotion and consulting aids: customizable and cost-effective - you are the brand
    •    You would like to learn more? Please feel free to contact us!