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Merkle Team

Teamwork, specialist knowledge and a touch of Hanseatic understatement

We are Northern Germany’s wedding ring and jewelry factory.

In the heart of Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, we work with a team of 25 employees. Some of us have been with Merkle for over 20 years, so we are a mixture of young and old. In Hamburg that means: a lot of experience with a fresh breeze at the same time.

Our employees come from 5 different nations and 3 different continents. Every day we merge classic handcraft, modern technology and international influences into unique products that our customers appreciate.

Merkle Team

Love of the craft

We love what we do and believe in the idea that care, craftsmanship, teamwork and joy are the foundation for the best work. And not just out of tradition: we have been around since 1853, but together we will make up the Merkle company today – in 2020.

We are strengthening our team: Here you will find our current vacancies!